Taking Risks Without Being Reckless

With Robert Egger

In this episode, I speak with Robert Egger who’s the founder of the iconic DC Central Kitchen and more recently, L.A. Kitchen. Robert was inspired at a young age by people including Dr Martin Luther King and Gloria Steinem who challenged the status quo. With ingenuity and tenacity, he pioneered a social enterprise which became […]

The Power of Trust

With Cheryl Lacey

In this episode, I speak with a wonderful friend of mine, Cheryl Lacey, who’s an educationalist, entrepreneur, Rotarian and writer. Cheryl works with schools and businesses, specialising in literacy, pedagogy, strategic planning and professional learning diagnostics. At her first teaching role in a small country town in Australia, Cheryl learned that teacher training didn’t equip […]

Building Trust, Partnership and a Common Higher Mission

With Chip Conley

In this episode, I speak with Chip Conley who’s the founder of the Joie de Vivre chain of boutique hotels, and also the Strategic Advisor for Hospitality and Leadership at Airbnb. Chip has a wealth of experience in good governance and credits much of his success at Joie de Vivre to establishing a board of […]

Ways That Directors Can Keep Learning

With Sarah Seddon

In this episode, I speak with Sarah Seddon who’s the Chair of Destination Melbourne, an Australian destination marketing organisation within the Tourism Sector. Sarah is the recent recipient of the inaugural Women in Travel Award for her contribution to tourism boards. She is also the director of her own company, the Sabre Collective, which is […]

Making Life on the Committee Easier

With Isaak Dury

As an avid and active sportsman with great leadership qualities, Isaak was drawn to committee life in his 20’s at his local football club. His induction onto the committee was limited to a slap on the back and a reassuring ‘you’ll be right!’ and Isaak soon learned how lacking this really was. He commenced his […]