Finding My Voice on the Board

With Veronica Kypros

In this candid discussion with Veronica, we start off where it all began in the 1990’s on the board of a 100-year-old master plumbers association in her home state of Victoria, Australia. It wasn’t easy at first for Veronica. As the youngest member and only female on the board she found herself being subjected to […]

Innovation and Leading Change

With Danny Davis

In this episode, I speak with Danny Davis who’s the director of his own innovation and digital strategy consultancy. Danny is also the chair of Link Community Transport – a non-profit established to overcome transport disadvantage – at a time when the sector is undergoing a huge amount of change in their funding models and […]

Asking the Questions That Need to be Asked

With Kylee Bates

In this episode, I speak with Kylee Bates who’s the World President of the International Association for Volunteer Effort or IAVE and who’s also the CEO of the Ardoch Youth Foundation in Melbourne, Australia. I met Kylee in 2001 shortly after she was appointed as the Deputy CEO at Volunteering Australia. It was the International […]

How Creating Networks Opens New Doors

With Lorraine Ngwenya

In this episode, I speak with Lorraine Ngwenya, a remarkable young woman under the age of 30 who’s a professional speaker and social entrepreneur. Lorraine shares her story about the impact that struggling to find a job when she graduated from University had on her confidence and self-esteem. She discovered she wasn’t alone in this […]

Doing Business That Does Good

With Geoff Manchester

In this episode, I speak with Geoff Manchester who’s a co-founder and director of Intrepid Travel. Geoff is also the driving force behind The Intrepid Foundation, an organisation that enables travellers to give back to the communities they visit. As someone deeply committed and passionate about business practices that adds value on a human level, […]